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The Brotherhood of Sincerity Creation and its Vision.

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Our Mission, Vision, and our Core Values at “The Brotherhood for Sincerity Organization” is committed to educate, report, and positively represent the young African-American males, by offering commentary on current/historical/local events in which affects their daily lives. We created this platform with a unique perspective with strategically aimed in improving the lives of the African-American youth. The “Brotherhood of Sincerity Organization” will attempt to open minds by introducing literacy, access to education, historical culture learning and local economic opportunities.

The reasons we decided to create “Brotherhood of Sincerity” is because we simply care about our young black youth. Our vision is to increase education amongst the black youth. The black youth today have missing gaps or access on how to better themselves. They are found to be stuck on this constant “robotic consumers” trap and are woke before they are financially, spiritually, and emotionally in debt (too late to prosper). It is time for this to stop and self-education to begin, knowledge will be the key to their successes. Education is a human right and we want to put a microscope on the accomplishments and advancements on the black community.

The world needs to not only see the negative side of us, instead the positive side from the majority who are work hard day-by-day and are never recognized. Grounded in our commitment to peace, unity and justice, the mission of Brotherhood of Sincerity is to address the root causes of educational inequities by developing youth leaders and engaging all cultures allies to promote Black positive affairs. Furthermore, we will introduce an atmosphere of positivity and diversity among staff and students, members, a focus on pre-professional ballet training that minimizes competitive culture. Our success will be dependent on the focused leadership and self-empowerment on African Studies. A fully invested board of directors (formed from experience, professional and well-educated black male leaders) aligned with an artistic director dedicated to creating innovative reading, learning, studying experiences. Together with a dedicated staff, all share a common vision and goal, delivered collaboratively and consistently with enthusiasm and efficiency.

Our core values is to persistently created a safe environment for the community through discipline, education, social assistance, quality services with inspirational for our readers and members. Our main objective is to simply assist our black youth to be inspired and tonbe self-motivated and transcend into progressive member of society.

-The Brotherhood of Sincerity


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