AMAZING BLACK LOVE | By Kenneth Quentin Dillard

I found the most amazing heart inside of the most beautifulest woman in the world, she helped me to find the best parts of me and I helped her to see that true love does exist, in the midst of loving her I tried to resist her warm caring heart and her gentle tender kiss. She showed me that love never fails as long as you put fourth the effort, I had no idea that I would find her and be able to love her the way she needed to be loved. I asked God how do I love one of his angels he said the same way you love me but give her the love that she desires most and she will love you forever. And the day she gave me her heart I gave her mines and the love that we share will last until the end of time because she is my window to the world and when I look at her I see how the world really should be because she is so beautiful and perfect to me. (Thoughts of a Humble Man) ©™

THOUGHTS OF A HUMBLE MAN |Written by Kenneth Quentin Dillard

I could lay here and look into your beautiful eyes all day long baby. I remember the first time I saw you working at the corner store I just had to get to know you, I would come into the store and buy things that I didn’t even need just so I could look into your eyes. Your eyes pierced my skin and went straight to my heart. The funny thing is that I was so afraid to say anything to you but I knew that I had to see you because it was something different about you that I never seen in any other woman that I have come across in my life, it’s like I was drawn to you I could feel it the minute I walk into the store damn you had a Brotha feening.

I remember the first time you came in the store very well you had on some black jeans with a black hoodie and you were looking crazy. I thought you were going to rob the store tbh with you and I remember my manager telling me to keep an eye on you and I did. But the moment you got to the counter and handed me that bag of hot chips you hand touched mines and It was as if the whole room had shifted and for a minute we paused and it was as if everyone in the store vanished and it was just you and I. I never forgot that day because after that I was looking forward to you coming in the store I remember that day that you didn’t come in the store until I was getting off work and out the corner of my eye I saw you come in the store and my eyes lit up so bright but I couldn’t let you know that.

That’s funny that you you said that because I was feeling the same way when I came to the store one day and you were not there and as I was leaving out you walk in looking beautiful as always and that was the first time I said something to you. I was so nervous but I had to speak to you I remember asking you if you were working that day and you turned around and smiled and told me that you were off and I said jokingly “that you should let me take you out so we could get to know each other better” now I didn’t think you were going to respond to what I had said but what you said next made the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter around you said “I was wondering when you were going to ask me that and yes you can” you handed me your number and told me you would be ready at 7 o’clock. I remember walking out of the store as if I had just hit the lottery.

Oh yeah I remember that too because when I got home I asked Alexa to play my Pandora and the first song that played was Best Part by H. E. R and I couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn’t stop thinking about you so I got into the shower and when I was getting out of the shower my phone rang. I remember I was nervous to answer it so I finally did and it was you on the other end my heart began to race and my spirit started to smile you told me that you were on your way so I gave you the address. It was different because normally I wouldn’t let a man know were I live I would meet them in a neutral place with a lot of people like at the park down the street from my house but you were different I felt your comfortable energy that let me knew that I would be safe and I could trust you, so I got dress and put on a little bit of makeup and I was ready I was looking so (FLAWLESS).

Yes you were baby I remember letting you know that I was out side and then the door swung opened and this stunningly beautiful angelic woman stepped out of the door and my mouth dropped wide open your presence commanded attention I remember the the Brotha that was driving by almost crashed his car because he was staring so hard. I opened up the door and when you the scent of your perfume went up my nose and took me to a sensual place in my head and all I could do was shake my head. That night was perfect in every way possible we walked holding hands after dinner just talking for hours and laughing and that day I knew that I couldn’t let you get away from me and you were feeling the same way that I was that was the day that I found my lover and my friend, my wife and my forever. (Thoughts of a Humble Man) ©

Albert Einstein with Black Students

In September 1946, Albert Einstein called racism America’s “worst disease.” Earlier that year, he told students and faculty at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, the oldest Black college in the Western world, that racial segregation was “not a disease of colored people, but a disease of white people, adding, “I willl not remain silent about it.”

When Albert Einstein moved to America, he was disappointed to see how black people were being treated. Even in his new hometown of Princeton, he observed separation of the white and black societies. Einstein thought of segregation as “unacceptable.”

Albert Einstein rarely accepted honorary doctorates but he did so for Lincoln University, a small historically black college in Pennsylvania in 1946. He also gave a lecture before a small group of students who are seen with him in the photo. Also taught black university students but the press didn’t like to publicise it as the idea of educated equal black people scared the establishment.


Kamala Harris meets with emergency service personnel for an assessment of the wildfires in Fresno, California. Almost 3 million acres have burned throughout California, where the Bay Area has dealt with almost an entire month of a Spare the Air alert, and at least 27 people have died across the west coast. ‘Nobody should be playing political games with this,’ says Harris. ‘The reality is, what Californians, especially those that are losing their homes and people who have family members who have lost their lives, they don’t have any time for photo ops and political games. This needs to be about getting people the resources they need on the ground as quickly as possible.’ Her visit to her home state comes just one day after Pres. Trump met with Gov. Gavin Newsom and other leaders to discuss the ongoing wildfires. During his meeting, the state’s Natural Resources Agency Sec. Wade Crowfoot urged Trump to ‘recognize the changing climate and what it means to our forests.’ Trump responded by saying, ‘it will start getting cooler, just you watch,’ to which Crowfoot pushed back that he wished the scientific evidence agreed with the president. Trump then countered with, ‘I don’t think science knows, actually.’

Please Don’t Go! | By Black Chris Da Great

Like a thunderstorm.
Catastrophic. Torturing anything in its path.
Lightening filled winds.
Terrify and destroy.
While kids get caught in the Aftermath.
Tap tap tap tap.
The pitter patter of little feet.
Racing down the hall.
Crashing through my door.
Snatching me down to the floor.
Teardrops hit my face like rain
Their doing it again.
He’s drunk again.
In her face all I saw was pain.
Consoling, holding.
Don’t worry your safe.
Stay with me.
I tried to stay awake.
Rest broken.
Can’t breathe. Choking.
Open my eyes and can barely see.
Dashing into action.
Grabbing her close.
Jumping over clothes.
Running through fire without a care.
Stumbling tumbling
Passing out….. Thank GOD… Fresh air.
Look Meyah we made it.
Mom’s ok too.
That asshole’s in a cop car, what did he do.
Meyah… Meyah. Speak to me please…
You can’t leave.
Lord tell me why…
You’d let my light die.
Allowing this bastard. To steal my soul.
Now lost and alone.
Baby sis…. Please.
Don’t Go!!

CAN YOU | By Darrell Godbold

Can You
Can you
Because I want someone to need me
I treasure you because you make me feel as warm as the summer sunset of a golden sky
Someone exactly the way that they’re expecting me to need them and to see
A love worth something much more than just a whisk blink of an eye, that is unwavering and unassailable of heart so often in tranquil waters, so silent and quiet, a love so pure in joy that when I even think about it, I whimper and often cry
Can you
Be the morning touch of a nerveless love that I wake up to for every tomorrow
You see, I know I don’t want to ever lose you, you’re not just another diamond, emerald or ruby
Be the touch that my heart tells you, that it can’t live love without you because of reminiscent past sorrow
I want to be able to say to myself that you are the softest Pearl that I have ever touched, ever touched truly
Can you
Do you want to know something else; I treasure you and that enchanting smile of yours because it glows in the early morning dawn?
And on the edge of heaven’s early evening moonlight, where my dreams have yet to be dreamed into the night and soon to be all but foregone
I treasure you because when you are so close to my heart, you become my sweet secret jewel
And I’ll keep you close to my chest in that moment and every other, where our heartbeats will become accrual
Can you
Please stay the way that you look, you don’t have to change for me, because I pleasure being in the presence of your lovely beautiful face
And you should know that for me to have to wait for your love in between goodbyes until I see you again, takes all that I feel about you and for my obsessions and infatuations to calm and quietly interlace
Can you
Let me
Keep you somewhere in my heart
So, when I want to love you, I’ll always know who to go to and exactly where to start
That way when it comes to the mood of romance
Loving you will never be like taking a random chance
Can you
Promise me
That you’ll never leave me lonely
And will not be talking to yourself as if you are
Love me, in name only
Just keep me and I’ll keep you, replete me and I’ll replete you until you tell me to stop, I’m losing my breath and please never say to me au revoir
Can you
I know for love that you could
Will you
I think you should

© 2020 Darrell Godbold


The spirit of the BLACK WOMAN is God.

In the beginning the Black Woman was able to reproduce life by herself.

The Black Woman is the only woman that can give her children melanin, which is condensed sunlight.

Black People are children of the sun, and the sun gives us power and this is the reason why we worshipped the sun and the Black Woman thousands of years ago, before we was brainwashed by the bible to worship Jesus due to slavery.

This is also the reason why evil scientists are trying to block out the sun and the reason for missing Black Women and little Black Girls.

The Bible and Qur’an has also taught us that Woman came from Man but that’s impossible because you can’t get a Wo-man from a man but you can get a Man from a Wo-“Man”.

A man has no womb to reproduce life.
The bible and Qur’an has lied to us.

For thousands of years the bible has downgraded the importance of the Black Woman, but without the Black Woman you have no man.

This is the reason why Africa is called the Motherland, because the Black Woman is the mother of all human life !!!

Who Are You | TaCorry Milton

Who are you to not to be great?
Who are you not to be proud?
Who are you not to stand tall,with those wine kissed lips and blazing lavender crown

What gives you your courage?
Is it the intention in your stride?
Or is it your grace in the switching of those hips,as you effortlessly sail on by?

Where does your regal presence derive from?
Could it be from Kings and Queens of afar and beyond?
Or could it be
It comes so naturally through your elegance and charm

John Arthur Johnson, 1912 First Black Heavyweight Champion| by Brotherhood of Sincerity

John Arthur Johnson, nicknamed the “Galveston Giant”, was an American boxer who, at the height of the Jim Crow era, became the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion.

Quiet possibly the greatest conditioned boxer of his day. He gave advice to Joe Louis, which was dismissed because of pride. Jack Johnson, although not everyone’s cup of tea, was a practical and forthright man, seeing the times for what they were; he was a Black man in a White man’s world, and as he achieved success, he knew what to expect. Ah, if times only could have been different.

He was the inventor of what is called the “monkey wrench”. They hated him because he was married to a white lady. I have a bunch of his fights on vhs tapes. His fights was scheduled for 50+rounds.

Postal Services | By Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

It’s almost hard to keep track of the multi-pronged effort to sabotage the United States Postal Service. Yesterday Trump admitted he wanted to defund the USPS in order to prevent mail-in voting, and last week his handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy reorganized the agency’s structure to centralize power around himself. And now, postal workers are sounding the alarm as mail sorting machines are getting removed without an explanation. A Post Office source lamented, “On top of cutting the overtime needed to run the machines, can you imagine the [overtime] needed to do this [the] old hard way?”

This is a four-alarm fire, friends. Trump is trying to steal the election in plain sight. Congress must act immediately and exercise the full force of its powers to stop the sabotage of the USPS before it’s too late. And we must all make plans to vote as soon as possible to ensure our ballots get counted. Check your registration, check your state’s deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot, and make sure everyone you know does the same. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Planned Master Race in America during the Pandemic? | By Demetrius Washington

It was projected somewhere between 2045 and 2050 the ethnic population would become the majority in this country. Some white people are so terrified we’ll be even 10% as evil as many of them, that they’re systematically trying to eliminate as many of us as they can. They’re playing chess and we’re stuck on who’s Black enough or laughing about other ethnic groups being verbally, mentally, and physically abused on the regular.

These false promises about immigration reform, criminal justice reform, tax reform, healthcare reform, etc. are to appease White people. But they’ve convinced us to help them wipe out ourselves so they can maintain power as the “master race”.

The Pandemic, white supremacy and colonizer “Taker” culture | Moor Yusuf

Nat Turner, you are describing the white supremacy colonizer mindset when you refer to “Taker” culture. White supremacist colonizer culture (similar to all settler-colonial cultures worldwide) at its roots makes white people NOT want to support Black and Brown people with their tax dollars, usually based on the claim that we are too lazy and that we don’t want to work—-ironic because our labor built America and made it rich. In other words, white colonizer TAKERS enjoy stealing our land and our labor, whether chattel slavery or wage slavery, but DO NOT want to GIVE back AT ALL COSTS (no reparations). This means that social democratic healthcare is impossible for white colonizer TAKERS because it means collectivizing healthcare, making healthcare a social or societal function, which requires whites as seeing themselves as PART of a larger community that they share WITH Black and Brown (indigenous) people (and Queers, Muslims, Jews, Leftists, etc), a community of shared responsibility and shared destiny, but most importantly, shared WEALTH. For some (Christian cishetero) whites that’s too much sharing with people they at best disdain or wish to ignore, and at worse hate or despise.

The pandemic forces rabid individualism (atomic narcissism) in America to either accept itself as sharing a larger community with people it disdains and despises OR to violently reject such an unavoidable reality of social connectivity. This explains the carbuncle of Q-anon and other non-evidentiary, maniacal conspiracy theory clusters rising to the discursive surface. This also explains the inordinate and unrestrained rage atomic narcissists (sociopaths) have when asked or forced to act in a way that makes them acknowledge a shared responsibility, a shared destiny, a shared community or a shared well-being : the act of wearing a mask.

Refusing to wear a mask is ostensibly a response to the mixed messages that came from medical experts about their efficacy at the beginning of the pandemic. But it’s much more than that. There was a similar refusal in the 1918 pandemic, but the sociopathy then is different from the sociopathy now because the sociopathy now, surprisingly, is better informed! Then the sociopathy could be blamed on ignorance and rugged individualism. Now the sociopathy can be blamed on willful ignorance and on FACT : Black people die disproportionately from the pandemic than whites.

Once white supremacists/nationalists had this FACT, they disseminated it online and by word of mouth, so that refusing to wear a mask became a sign of tribal affinity and loyalty. I can show you a video of a white woman explaining in a store that she doesn’t wear a mask BECAUSE she’s a white supremacist. Therefore, NOT wearing a mask is both a tribal sign of white supremacy and the related pleasure of Black/Brown/indigenous genocide.

This refusal to wear a mask has been a collective act embedded in the protection of white supremacy not only as symbolized by Trumpism/MAGA, but also as symbolized by the terroristic, white supremacist anti-lockdown protests that Trump endorsed. Because in the beginning of the pandemic in America and even to this day after obvious evidence to the contrary (at least 200,000 deaths), the pandemic was or is a white liberal hoax to damage the Trump presidency, AND because white liberals are thought erroneously by the Far Right white nationalists to be traitors to white supremacy because they permit minimal inclusivity and representation of BIPOC within spectacles, structures and institutions of political-economic power, the REFUSAL TO WEAR A MASK is a neo-Confederate symbolic act of rebellion against the rise of “uppity” Black and Brown people AND a sign of fanatic tribal belonging.