THOUGHTS OF A HUMBLE MAN |Written by Kenneth Quentin Dillard

I could lay here and look into your beautiful eyes all day long baby. I remember the first time I saw you working at the corner store I just had to get to know you, I would come into the store and buy things that I didn’t even need just so I could look into your eyes. Your eyes pierced my skin and went straight to my heart. The funny thing is that I was so afraid to say anything to you but I knew that I had to see you because it was something different about you that I never seen in any other woman that I have come across in my life, it’s like I was drawn to you I could feel it the minute I walk into the store damn you had a Brotha feening.

I remember the first time you came in the store very well you had on some black jeans with a black hoodie and you were looking crazy. I thought you were going to rob the store tbh with you and I remember my manager telling me to keep an eye on you and I did. But the moment you got to the counter and handed me that bag of hot chips you hand touched mines and It was as if the whole room had shifted and for a minute we paused and it was as if everyone in the store vanished and it was just you and I. I never forgot that day because after that I was looking forward to you coming in the store I remember that day that you didn’t come in the store until I was getting off work and out the corner of my eye I saw you come in the store and my eyes lit up so bright but I couldn’t let you know that.

That’s funny that you you said that because I was feeling the same way when I came to the store one day and you were not there and as I was leaving out you walk in looking beautiful as always and that was the first time I said something to you. I was so nervous but I had to speak to you I remember asking you if you were working that day and you turned around and smiled and told me that you were off and I said jokingly “that you should let me take you out so we could get to know each other better” now I didn’t think you were going to respond to what I had said but what you said next made the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter around you said “I was wondering when you were going to ask me that and yes you can” you handed me your number and told me you would be ready at 7 o’clock. I remember walking out of the store as if I had just hit the lottery.

Oh yeah I remember that too because when I got home I asked Alexa to play my Pandora and the first song that played was Best Part by H. E. R and I couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn’t stop thinking about you so I got into the shower and when I was getting out of the shower my phone rang. I remember I was nervous to answer it so I finally did and it was you on the other end my heart began to race and my spirit started to smile you told me that you were on your way so I gave you the address. It was different because normally I wouldn’t let a man know were I live I would meet them in a neutral place with a lot of people like at the park down the street from my house but you were different I felt your comfortable energy that let me knew that I would be safe and I could trust you, so I got dress and put on a little bit of makeup and I was ready I was looking so (FLAWLESS).

Yes you were baby I remember letting you know that I was out side and then the door swung opened and this stunningly beautiful angelic woman stepped out of the door and my mouth dropped wide open your presence commanded attention I remember the the Brotha that was driving by almost crashed his car because he was staring so hard. I opened up the door and when you the scent of your perfume went up my nose and took me to a sensual place in my head and all I could do was shake my head. That night was perfect in every way possible we walked holding hands after dinner just talking for hours and laughing and that day I knew that I couldn’t let you get away from me and you were feeling the same way that I was that was the day that I found my lover and my friend, my wife and my forever. (Thoughts of a Humble Man) ©

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